About Us

“Joi” Jackson (Mrs. Dbl J) is redefining what it means to own your style and do it on a budget. Joi has always loved to get dressed up and is still in the process of putting her exajoiration on  when she  dresses down.

As a wife, mother, professional and a leader, its not foreign for her to have an extensive wardrobe for all these occasions. “Joi’s passion is fashion,” and the style that she creates often makes her feel like she is caught in between two eras. Vintage is her favorite, but Funky is her savior, in the battle of trying to maintain a vintage look, and still balance it out with current trends so that she won’t look dated.

Joi has an eye for unique pieces and a gift for curating. The pieces on Exa”JOI”rated Styles site are a mere reflection of Joi’s style, places she frequents and her closet. Joi buys pieces and puts them together, transforming them from pieces into a masterpiece. She believes they can all fit into three categories:

“She has it all”- Boss Chick
“Classic Woman”- Vintage Chick
“Informally fun chick”- Funky Chick (the creative)
Joi shops everywhere, however "Many" clothing items she wears/sells are pre-loved.  JOi's desire to express herself through her own unique style has been an ongoing process since her youth, but now that she has found "her style", her desire for unique vintage quality pieces went up, and she just so happens to find most of them while on her "pre-owned" shopping excursions. 
Joi doesn't have to shop secondhand, but loves to because that's where the treasures are. Quality, versatility, uniqueness, & timeless pieces are rare today, so when I find it  I keep (staple) it and share the rest with you :).   Joi wants to help you find your style and save while doing it.
Fav Quotes:
“They gave it away and I say how sway.” ……….
“If its out of style, I say that you bring it back in.”
"Trends + vintage +style= masterpiece"
"Your personality guides your style"
"Dress up and see how you feel"
Joi is here to inspire those who can’t quite see it, but still want it, and have an open mind.
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